Friday, May 6, 2011

A Small Break

So first of all Friday Favorites is going to be a small (probably month) break due to some big life changes that are happening around here.

And my shop will probably be closed as well for about 1-2 weeks. I will let you all know the official dates very soon.

BUT don't worry I have lots of giveaways lined up for the month so while I am packing and moving you all can win some great Something Diane Made stuff! Sound good? Good :)

And... if you didn't catch that subtle hint... WE ARE MOVING!! My husband has accepted a new job and it is AMAZING! We are so blessed and thankful for it. It kind of came up out of the blue and is going to make for a very fast move to a brand new city but we are BEYOND thrilled.

What an amazing God we serve :)

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  1. Where are you moving too? Aren't you in TX? And, LA before that? What's he do that has you moving a lot?

    That's a lot of question marks lol.. We're browsing jobs in NC and SC right now.. kind of scary and exciting at the same time... eek!


  2. Hey! Yep, we are in TX. But we are moving from College Station to Houston. We were just in LA for the summer months last year for an internship.

    My husband is a geologist in the oil & gas industry and is finally!!! done with his graduate program so this should be the last move for awhile (hopefully).

    OH! fun, I LOVE the Carolina's. Such an exciting time but totally scary :)