Friday, March 4, 2011

Five Favorites Friday!

I have SO many "favorite" items that range from homemade to store boughten, to items I own and items I want, so I have decided on Fridays I am going show off some of these items. It is going to be a hodge podge of randomness but it should be fun!

It is a great way to go into the weekend don't you think?

And if you have favorite items I would love for you to comment and share them! Maybe we will find something we have in common :)

1. Lucky You for her Perfume

I love the scent of this perfume, it is light and floral but yet not too sweet and girly. I get so many compliments on it when I wear it. It is pretty much my everyday perfume but I do switch it up sometimes - maybe I will share some of those other perfumes in my upcoming favorites list :)

2. St. Patrick's Day Subway Art from Eighteen25

This is a FREE printable from Eighteen 25 and it is so cute and adorable. It is going in a black frame on my mantel for the next couple weeks!

3. Fabric Softener

I love how fabric softener smells, feels, and almost makes doing laundry not so horrible. But the cost can add up for something that is just an "extra." So I have made my own! Next week I will post the details so you can too - it is cost effective, works great, and the best part - you get to pick the scent! Take that Gain :)

4. Baker's Twine in Caribbean from The Twinery

I just love this twine, it is so perfect. I want some - and in every color! Wouldn't you like to get a Something Diane Made product wrapped up with twine and topped with a twine bow?

I think so :)

5. Wet Seal Jeans

These jeans fit me like a glove, and I have never had that until about 2 years again when I bought a pair of these! And now they are worn through. For people, like me that need "short" jeans this is the perfect place to shop. Almost every style they have come in the short option which is a nice change to the stores that carry one or two styles!

Don't tell the hubs but I picked up another pair of these last weekend :)

So there you have it week #1 of my favorites.

What do you think? What are your favorite things this week?

Don't forget about the two adoption auctions going on! Rags to Stitches ends tomorrow - please help out this wonderful family. And Bring my Nephew Home starts on Sunday - get those bidding hands ready!

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