Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

It is that time again - Friday Favorites! Another round of my randomness to end the week :)

1. OPI Black Shatter by Katy Perry

(sorry for the awful picture of my feet - please ignore the horrible paint job)
This stuff is awesome! It goes on top of a "normal" color and then cracks when it dries. I am pretty sure we had this back in the day when I was a kid/teen but this stuff works SO much better. BUT good luck trying to find it - store sell out in less than 10 mins after they get a shipment. I had to wait for almost a 1/2 hr to get it but so worth it!

2. Peonies

With Spring coming, I am so in the mood for flowers and that floral scent. I love that peonies are huge flowers and give off a nice light scent. My parents have peony bushes along the side of their house and it is one of my favorite things to see all in bloom. As you can see from the pictures above I also used them in my bouquets for my wedding. SO gorgeous :)

3. Homespun Yarn by Lion Brand

I don't use this yarn a lot but when I do I really love it. It is soft and kind of has a "fuzzy" feel to it. I was reminded of it last night when I was making a baby cocoon. And I can't wait to see the softness of the yarn on a newborn baby!

4. Criminal Minds

I love this show and watched it from the beginning! I am not sure why I am so addicted to it but really do enjoy the characters and "cases." This past week's episode brought me to tears! (don't judge :) )

5. South Haven, Michigan

While South Haven probably doesn't look like this right now, since spring is coming, it still one of my favorite places to visit summer or winter!

Happy Friday!

Share some favorites!

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