Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hair Wear

I love headbands and hair clips and the "cuteness" they add to not-so-great hair day (sometimes every day for me!) or they are just perfect for a night out!

Here are some pictures of my new headbands and hair clips. Sorry they are self taken (the hubby was out of town) and I will have some better ones soon!

They are on a black stretchy band that goes around your head. Fits child to adult size. They are super stretchy and VERY comfortable. I can't wear headbands too long without getting a headache but these I can wear all day no problem! They look cute with your hair down or with it pulled in a pony (I can't do that anymore since I chopped mine off haha!)

Hair Clips
These are flowers attached to snap clips. They are perfect for holding back longer bangs, or a simple small addition to your hair. They fit any age (that has hair of course) and can come in any color combination! So cute for just the added color "pop" to an outfit!

What do you think of them?

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