Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Favorites - Fingerprints on the Fridge Style

Happy Friday! And means it is another round of Friday Favorites!! YES :)

This week we have the lovely (and so comical) Rachelle from Fingerprints on the Fridge. Her and I are "old" friends - meaning we have the same hometown and High School but didn't connect until recently with our passion for crafting!

So enjoy!

Hey ya'll! So happy to be here sharing my favsies!

Thanks to Diane for letting me crash today :)

First and foremost I've come across my FAVORITE conditioner/styling product.


Simply put: Love. You must try them for yourself to understand it though.

Second up as klassy (with a K) as it is. Mountain Dew. When I think of Mountain dew I think of that 20/20 episode called Mountain Dew mouth and all those sad kids with no teeth. But, I need it. Maybe I shouldn't talk about it, I could get the shakes. ;)


Holy guacamole there's not enough time in the day for Pintrest. I can only look right now because I need an invite. SOMEONE invite me, seriously. We can make Bff necklaces and everything.

American Eagle Jeans.

Just got a new pair {in a whole size smaller, whoop to the whoop} and they fit ALL of my qualifications in jeans.

1. They cover my bum.

2. Because of said bum, most jeans thighs are too big for my thighs and look baggy, these AREN'T.

3. Flare, but not a giant flare that covers my whole foot but not small like a boot cut.

Clearly I'm picky. But the artist jeans fit like a glove. Thanks AE.

Sandstone Cove.

After 40000 samples of paint to redo the kitchen, I have And, it's love. I'm not only painting the kitchen but the dining room, entry way and hallways with this. It's a serious favorite. The perfect neutral but not too pink, but a touch of gray in some lights. Love it!

Well that's it, thanks so much Diane for having me! It was fun!

Thanks Rachelle! See didn't I tell you she was lovely :)

Next week is our final round of guest bloggers (sniff) and we end it with a fellow crocheter and "old" friend Betsy from The Dainty Daisy!!

Have a great weekend you all! (I am a southern but can resist the y'all since I still believe in my heart that I am a northern, don't judge :) )

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  1. hope you got my pinterest invite :-)

  2. I didn't! Boo, send it to :)

    I'll work on those BFF necklaces.

  3. following you! please check out my blog!