Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites - Pink Lemonade Style

Today we have Paige from Pink Lemonade guest blogging on Friday Favorites. She makes the most adorable rosette (remember those earrings from a couple weeks back??) and she is only 15!!

Enjoy :)

・ Painted Letter and Number Blocks

Letter A on distressed wood in White and Brown

Number 7- seven in white and turquoise on reclaimed wood

Large Number 5 on wood in brown and white

These are all so cool!! And VERY affordable... I think I might have to show these to my mom! She LOVES stuff like this! :)

・ Chevron

Vintage Brass Chevron Necklace - Free Shipping in the US

Jotter - Chevron Stripe

Chevron is BY FAR one of my favorite patterns! It makes anything look like a piece of art!

・ Ruffle Clutches

Pleated Ruffle Rosette Clutch in Eggplant Cotton

Ruffle Rosette Clutch in Dark Gray Linen/Off-White Linen

Ruffle Rosette Clutch in Olive Green/Ivory Linen

Lately I have had a real obsession with clutches!! I have no idea why, but they are just so interesting to me! I love all the different textures of these. The flower against the linen fabric gives it such such a natural look!

・ Deer

deer with little antlers hat KNITTING PATTERN

Forest Friends Deer Necklace

Deer Home

Aren't deer neat? Living in Texas, I get to see them a lot! I love them! :)

Thanks for having me, Diane!



Stay tuned next week we have Rachelle from Fingerprints on the Fridge!!

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