Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joyful Library Project

The blogging community is such a great place to "meet" new people, find creative ideas, and to promote great causes. The later is what I am doing today. I have the privilege of working with Danielle from Take Heart on her 25th birthday (today!) and the Joyful Library Project.

She is a total sweetheart and giving AWAY on her birthday! She has TONS of great items that are up for grabs and the only requirement is to buy a book for the Joyful Library Project.

The Joyful Library Project provides books to hospitals PICU sections so that families can read to their sick kids. You can read more about the beginning and the "Why" of the cause here.

There has been an Amazon list created for the books they are requested and you can purchase straight from there and the books will be shipped to the hospital. SO easy :) Click here for the list

Remember this puff cap I showed off on Facebook the other day?

Well it is up for grabs! Please head on over to Take Heart and support a great cause!

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